Professional Make-up Artist  Lina De Lorenci
Lina M. Parada De Lorenci is a woman passionate about health and beauty.  She is the founder of this exclusive line of International Mineral Base Cosmetics.  Lina is of Italian and Colombian descent, and was born in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.  There she received her degree in medical surgery at Universidad El Bosque in 2004, later completing studies in medical aesthetics.  From a very young age she developed a great interest in and appreciation for the Arts, Theater, and Aesthetics.  At sixteen years old she received her first "Best Actress" award in Theater, which kindled in her a great enthusiasm for the Arts. 
Lina is an avant-garde woman and an expert in her field.  These traits have afforded her a very warm and friendly disposition towards all those she works with which has made countless women look and feel good about themselves. 
Lina lived in Los Angeles, California and began her career as a makeup artist in 2005.  She also received numerous awards as a makeup artist in Bogota.  She has truly developed a one-of-a-kind style.  Thanks to much preparation and her experience with different cultures.
As she continues to research makeup products that are both healthy and beautiful, she has decided to develop a line of mineral makeup that is different from conventional makeup; this line has natural ingredients which are beneficial to the skin.
          Bismuth Oxychloride: used as a skin protective. Bismuth, in all forms, is derived from the earth's
            crust. Touted to be both anti-inflammatory and oil absorbing.
          Titanium Dioxide: This is an ingredient that is often found in cosmetics. It can successfully reflect UVA,
            UVB and UVC rays. The presence of this ingredient helps prevent skin cancer and premature aging of
            the skin.
          Aloe vera: Aloe has properties similar to astringents, can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.
            For scars and stretch marks: Aloe vera speeds cell regeneration.
And provide nutrients while they protect, therefore creating true natural beauty.  Additionally, this line will be environmentally friendly, conserving both paper and cardboard. 
Lina's experience as an artist in drama, her love for painting, and her travels to places such as Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, California, and New York have inspired this new creation.  Her line is ideal for women that want an attractive, sophisticated, and professional look that also has a natural skin care component.
Using her studies in medicine, aesthetics, and makeup, Lina has created a cosmetic line with high quality products that promote a beautiful and healthy self-image.
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